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Step-by-Step Tutorial on how to Enroll on the Online Medicare Part B Application

Step 2: Scroll down the page and click the link: "Apply for Medicare Part B Online During a Special Enrollment Period"

Click this Link .png

Step 3: You will be taken to the Online Medicare Part B Application, scroll down, click the: "I understand and agree to the above statement "checkbox, and then click "Start Application"

This is where the application starts .pn
Click the %22I understand%22 to proceed

Step 4: You will be taken to this page, click the "Open in new tab" button to start the application

Click %22Open in New Tab%22 to go to App

Step 5: You should be taken to this new page, click the Yellow Arrow that says "Start" and begin filling out your information that has the Asterick * symbol

How the Online Part B Application Looks
Fill out all info that has *.png
Continue to fill out all the * .png

Step 6: First obtain a copy of employment verification from your current employment and attach it to this box under "Verifying Documents". Note: Your form must be in PDF format

Attach your documents .png

Step 7: Once you finish attaching your documents and filling out all your information, click "Click here to sign" to type your signature, and then click "Apply" to finish your application

Click this to leave your signature .png
Sign your signature & click apply.png

If you would still want one of our licensed insurance sales agents to assist you on how to fill out this online enrollment application, you may call us at 844-637-2063 or email us at any time

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