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We are looking for qualifying and diligent agents who are ready to be a part of HealthChoice's Team. As a licensed insurance sales agent, you get the opportunity in helping seniors find the right Health Insurance plan at the right price. Your work can mean the difference between whether a client can get coverage and protect their future health and financial security

COVID-19 & AEP Updates

Licensed Insurance Sales Agents! The Medicare AEP season is just around the corner. Are you preparing yourselves for this upcoming AEP Season?


Due to this COVID-19 pandemic, this Annual Enrollment Period is going to be completely different. You as an agent will need to utilize the proper and accurate quoting and enrollment technology to engage your potential prospects. Agents who have primarily relied on paper enrollments and in-person appointments will need to transition to using technology out of necessity and clients' needs/wants. Agents will need to adapt and get familiar with the new technology before AEP starts. Do you have prior knowledge or experience with Connecture, DocuSign, Snap & Submit, or the carrier online enrollment tools?


At HealthChoice, we may be able to help you understand and prepare you for this upcoming Annual Enrollment Period! We offer webinars and training on all of the digital platforms and enrollment tools required to ensure you have a successful and productive season. We also have real-time web leads, digital ad campaigns, direct mail campaigns, agent marketing resources, and individual agent portals/ CRM tools available. 


If you are interested in learning more about our agency and what we can do to guide and support you, we would love to set up an appointment for us to talk.

  1. Submit the form 

  2. One of our Managers will get in touch with you to start the onboarding process

  3. Receive an email and fill out documents online via DocuSign

  4. Health Choice Inc reviews document and approves it all online

  5. In a short amount of time you could receive your onboarding packet and be ready to get certified to sell

If you're interested in joining our team call us or email us to have someone contact you

  • Phone Number:

    • (844) 637-2063

Thank you for Submitting !

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