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COVID-19 Changes Annual Enrollment Period

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

COVID-19 has changed many industries, businesses, and lives this past year. But how has COVID impacted this upcoming Annual Enrollment Period?

The End of Face-to-Face Appointments ?

Does this mean that agents cannot have any more Face-to-Face appointments with their members? Not necessarily.

This just means no physical meetings with any seniors due to the COVID-19 regulations. Yes, we must abide by the Medical recommendations in order to ensure the well-being of our seniors and those who have underlying medical conditions. But how can agents reach out to seniors who are wanting to enroll this upcoming Annual Enrollment Period?

HealthChoice's Approach in Preparing for this Upcoming Annual Enrollment Period

Video Conferencing

  • Now there are many video meetings platforms out there that agents can use to reach out to their seniors.

  • This does allow having a face-to-face and will make the enrollment process comfortable and accessible for seniors

  • HealthChoice does have a Google Meet option for our seniors if they ever want to have an appointment with us. This allows us to share our screen to present plans, share documents, and even a feature where Google can use captions for seniors to read if the audio is unclear for them

  • Not only is this free for them to use, but seniors also do not even need to have a Google account to join a Google Meet video conference. A licensed agent will send them a link that will allow them to join the video call.


  • This will help us engage more with our community and bring awareness to more seniors about our company.

  • This market our company and services, but this will also ensure our message will be delivered to the senior community.

  • Even though everything is becoming digital, direct mailing is still useful today, even in this era of technology.

  • 50% of recipients say that they find postcards useful because their compact size makes them stand out in the mail.

  • The fact that there’s no envelope, this means that virtually all postcards will be read.

  • We believe that this method is better than emails; we know that the response rate for direct mailing is up to 10x higher than that of emails.

We make sure that we do not forget nor disregard our existing members but promoting to our members base on how we are responding to this pandemic. And we ensure additional support we can provide to our members during this time.

Promoting Telehealth Benefits

  • What is Telehealth? According to Mayo Clinic, digital information and communication technologies, such as computers and mobile devices, are used to access health care services remotely and manage your health care. These may be technologies you use from home or that your doctor uses to improve or support healthcare services.

  • Here at HealthChoice, we are making sure that healthcare is accessible to our members who live in rural or isolated communities.

  • We advertise our Virtual HealthCare appointments where our seniors can either call us, email us, or even use Google Meet so they do not need in-person visits.

  • We have web-based features on our website that help members upload their information to us without paper.

  • Here at HealthChoice, we know that technology can improve the quality of healthcare and make it accessible to our members.

  • We thrive on making everything easier, coherent, remote, and accessible for everyone who visits our website.

Meeting Both our Current and Potential Member's Needs

  • HealthChoice is sensitive and considerate of the needs of shopping seniors; we meet them where they are at in the process in a way that makes it most comfortable for them

  • We make sure that we do not forget nor disregard our existing members but promoting to our member base on how we are responding to this pandemic. And we ensure additional support we can provide to our members during this time.

These are just a few ways that HealthChoice is conducting that will help us be of service to our seniors for this upcoming Annual Enrollment Period.

We will continue to formulate and make the proper preparations to ensure that we can fully contribute to all the seniors needing assistance to enroll in the plans that align with their healthcare needs. We know that our experience and skills could be of service to everyone.

Here at HealthChoice, we want everyone to know that despite the limitations and restrictions that COVID has created, it is our choice and responsibility to bring you the best customer service, healthcare plans, and experience this Annual Enrollment Period.

Please visit us at to see all the services we provide and feel free to contact us at 844-637-2063 or email us at if you have any questions about this upcoming Annual Enrollment Period

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